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SINGS Intelligent City

SINGS Intelligent City projects are "Smart City Projects" to improve the lives of smart citizens with sustainable programs, low-carbon emissions, and integrated technology in each infrastructure such as mass-transportation systems, clean energy generation, waste management, and digitised (paperless) processes within the Smart City.

SINGS Intelligent City projects have been deployed in many locations around the globe. The first project was laid in the soil of a city-state of Singapore in a form of a joint-venture with Singapore Government's Smart Nation Program. Singapore is the leading technology hub in the modern world with all S&P 500 companies exist in the city-state. The two Singaporean universities - ranked 12 and 13 in the world - lead the way toward highly innovative Research and Development findings in the field of technology and science which then be spread around the world. 

SINGS Intelligent City other projects have been launched with conjunction of:

  • The UK government
  • The US government
  • Private organisations from Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Japan, and Taiwan.

SINGS Intelligent City system designs and system architecture are continually being developed by teams of scientists and researchers around the globe. Scientists and Researchers work together to generate world-changing innovations to enhance the lives of the citizens in smart cities around the world. 

SINGS Intelligent City has partnered up with the United Nations organisations such as UNDP, UNHCR and UNECE to roll-out program that target the improvement of refugee children's education, lives and their safety. UNDP and UNECE play a big role in rolling out "Zero Carbon and Sustainable Future" projects which was operated by SINGS Intelligent City Strategic Business Unit.